Landmarks in Pomona, CA

In my visits to California state parks I have found many landmarks in and around Pomona. One of the most popular parks is the Evergreen Memorial Park. It has a beautiful natural stream running through it. It also has picnic tables and cabins. Other features include playgrounds, hiking trails, a nature center, and an old-fashioned gas station.

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The Evergreen Memorial Park is managed by the San Bernardino Park District. It is one of their three state parks. The other two are located in Inland Empire. The park district owns the land and the buildings.

The most visited park in Pomona by visitors is the Cone Park. It lies on the northern part of the San Bernardino River. The park is named for a former general who was the head of the local police. The name is pronounced “coon run”. It has a giant rock waterfall and several other attractions.

A short walk from Cone Park is the Evergreen National Monument. It is one of two natural sites in Southern California designated as a national monument. It was created by President Theodore Roosevelt. It is seven miles long and covers nearly half of the Cone Canyon. The majority of the park is in the Coronado National Forest.

Just east of Cone Park is the Oak Creek Marsh, which was designed to drain the polluted Oak Creek. It is still being managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The cove that is in the middle of this cove houses a wonderful bird sanctuary. The birds can be viewed from within the cove and from the beach. The waterfowl are particularly fond of the fountains at the shore line.

There are many more landmarks in nearby San Bernardino. Many of these can be seen from the top of the famous Mount Teacup Saddle. You will also find the historic John Hancock Tower in Westwood. There is even an Old Town that has been preserved as it was originally constructed. It is a World Heritage Site.

The largest city of San Bernardino is just to the north. It is known for its citrus industry. The downtown area is filled with art galleries, restaurants and movie theaters. There are many small businesses as well that provide coffee, pizza, and hot dogs.

The largest city of Orange County is Orange County Memorial Park. Here you will find beautiful gardens. There are playgrounds, picnic tables, museums and monuments. There are many local attractions here including the John Hancock Tower. The park is managed by the California State Parks.

There are many more landmarks in Pomona California. There are literally dozens of community parks. They are managed by the California State Parks. It is very important to exercise a lot of caution around these parks as there are many wild animals that live here. A large portion of the state park system is managed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. This includes the Santa Barbara State Recreation Area as well.


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