Landmarks in Chino, CA

The history of landmarks in Chino California dates back to the Gold Rush of the late 19th century. The city was quickly becoming a destination for tourists and soon it had developed its own unique identity with a set of landmarks. Of course these were soon incorporated in the cityscape as well. Today, there are still many of these locations to be found and they continue to be an integral part of Chino’s identity. The best way to learn more about them is to take a tour of the entire area.

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One of the first of many historical Landmarks in Chino ca is the Serra Savings and Loan building. Designed in the late twenties, this building is one of the first banks to open in the new community. While serving as a local bank for many years, it also became one of the first places to establish mortgage loans in the area. Today, it is still one of the most popular landmarks here.

Another one of the more historic Landmarks in Chino is the Alta Loma Yacht Club. This group of about half a dozen members met in the early Twenties and created what would become the popular Yacht Club of today. While many think that this is an old landmark, it is in fact one of the newest. Yet many still frequent the area for their weekend getaways and events. While not as luxurious as some of the others on this list, the charm and history of the location cannot be denied.

While there are many more local landmarks here, perhaps the most significant one of them all is the famous Solano Cemetery. Here, you can find the graves of many prominent local citizens including five U.S. Presidents. They have also been known to have markers naming each of the first five California Republic representatives to the Assembly. Many who attend these events also stop by the grave to pay their respects.

There are many more Landmarks in Chino that are just as remarkable as the ones previously mentioned. Among them are the ruins of the Santa Barbara Jail, which was destroyed by a massive fire in 1920; the Alta Loma Yacht Club, which has been home to many stars including John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy; the Historic Old Courthouse downtown; and several other historic sites that are worth seeing. These and many more are well worth the time spent in Chino.

As you can see, the historical and touristy aspects of Chino CA are plentiful. With a host of unique local landmarks, this area is sure to be a wonderful place to visit for any traveler or even stay in for a while. If you have never visited, now is definitely the time to do so. It truly is one of the great wine-producing areas in the world.

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