History of Santa Monica, CA

History of Santa Monica CA is quite intriguing and interesting because it is a melting pot of various cultures from all over the world. Its culture includes elements of all these types of cultures. It’s one of the few cities of the world, which is famous for its surf beaches, which are world famous. Santa Monica Pier, the central landmark of the city, is also the site of some of the most spectacular events like Winter Solstice Parade and Santa Barbara Bowl.

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History of Santa Monica CA also includes its rich culture of fine arts and music. The city is home to some of the best renowned musicians in the world. The city also has a number of theatres, museums, art galleries, and comedy clubs which showcase some of the finest talents in the field of entertainment. Santa Monica CA is home to a number of famous and internationally renowned artists who have established a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

History of Santa Monica CA is incomplete without mentioning its impressive architectural creations like City Hall, the Warfield, the Courtyard and the Pier. A walk around these amazing structures will give you an idea of what Santa Monica is all about. You will definitely get entertained by the throbbing nightlife, the city is proud of.

History of Santa Monica CA also covers its contributions to the community and the country as whole. This city is proud of its past and is proud of its present. You will find a strong European influence in this city. Some of the well-loved European buildings are located here like the Cranley House and the old Thomas Edison House. Some of the other significant sites are the Santa Monica Beach (which is the oldest beach in the west), the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Los Angeles River that flows through the city, and the Santa Monica Academy.

History of Santa Monica CA is incomplete without mentioning its vast contributions to medical science. It has the oldest public hospital in the west. The City College of California is a major contributor to medical education and to medical research in the country. Due to this contribution, California has many top-notch hospitals and medical institutions. People from other parts of the country visit California to avail of the best medical services available.

History of Santa Monica CA is also incomplete without mentioning its amazing architectural designs. This city was one of the first planned cities in the US. The development of this city spanned over a period of over four decades, and the planning was done by the Americans at the inception of the city. You can also see the remnants of such extraordinary designs like the Santa Monica Pier, the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Hollywood Bowl.