History of Panorama City, CA

History of Panorama City California is a rich one. This little city, located in the San Fernando Valley, has been a center of trade for years. For years this city has enjoyed a steady rise in population. It’s a city rich in history and culture. Many of its people are proud to be native Californians with a strong connection to the Mexican heritage. It has truly become one of the cultural centers in Southern California.

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There are many things to do in Panorama City. It is truly a unique fusion of two great California cultural influences, Spanish influence and African American culture. This city is one of the true gems of Southern California. The neighborhoods here are ideal for people who enjoy a slower pace. Some areas of Panorama have historic buildings and architecture, yet there are also newer developments that are still very interesting to the eyes.

History of Panorama City California goes all the way back to the early nineteenth century. Here one can find an account of the gold rush and how it transformed this small city into what it is today. There were many great hotels in the area, and some of them still stand today. History of Panorama City California also takes you back to the early days of California, when it was just beginning to take shape as a state. This can be found in the early days of California, when the state had just gained admission to the United States Federal government. When the gold rush arrived, California quickly became the new haven for wealthy investors.

One of the most famous residents of Panorama City California is none other than former governor of California Jerry Brown. He resides in a mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Many of the world class resorts and hotels can be seen in close proximity to where he resides.

History of Panorama City California also includes many important figures in the history of California. Two former California Gov’s that is remembered is John Van de Kamp and Harry Cabazon. These two men were at the center of many political battles in the past. They were on opposite sides of some very heated issues. Van de Kamp was a favorite to win the governorship against Harry Cabazon during the election of 1924. The contest was so fierce that it was declared a tie after the election.

In the late nineteen hundreds the Great Depression hit California. This brought an immediate impact on the real estate market of the city. Many of the old homes that were constructed in the twenties and thirties are now being torn down. New developments are taking place to create an even more desirable and healthy housing market for California.


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