History of Diamond Bar, CA

The History of Diamond Bar is a chain of events that took place in California starting in the late nineteen fifties. There are many stories and trivia attached to this gemstone, but one that is most interesting is the story of how it came to be. A diamond named Alice had purchased a ring at an unknown shop in Santa Barbara while on vacation in California. After enjoying several days at this particular shop, she decided to sell off all her loose diamonds to the shop in exchange for a single gold bar. To her surprise, her ring arrived a few days later bearing a “C” shaped stamped diamond with the words “You liked me so much you bought me this ring.”

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Legend has it that after the gold was received the owner of the shop left town. He never returned and is never heard from again. Many years later, in the middle of a severe drought, a young farmer by the name of Hiram Johnson came upon what he believed to be a lead mine. As luck would have it, he found a vein of diamond-rich land and set up shop in a small shack where he mined all day long for his living expenses and eventually built up enough gold to purchase a diamond bar.

The History of Diamond Bar tells the history of the incredible chain of events that brought it to the attention of its present owners. Stories abound about the desperate times that people would go through to acquire even the smallest amounts of gold. Many stories say that the bar was purchased just before a major drought hit California which depleted the supply of the precious stone. Other stories talk about a wealthy gentleman who supposedly purchased the chain after losing everything to a drunk driver.

The History of Diamond Bar has been making headlines and has become a movie. It’s definitely an entertaining read. However, I feel that this book could be a little bit more educational. I didn’t really learn anything new about this company or their products. Instead, I just learned a little history and enjoyed reading about their colorful history.

I’m not really sure if the company’s owner set out to create a captivating read about the history of diamonds or if he just wanted to make some money selling trinkets around the Christmas holidays. The chain of events is actually fascinating to read about. I liked that the author includes a lot of testimonials from consumers as well as some history from the original bar. If you’re a history buff, this book will definitely satisfy your curiosity.

However, I do recommend that one should take a more analytical approach when thinking about investing in diamonds. Diamonds are expensive and if you can get a good deal on them then that’s great. However, I think that reading about how diamonds were discovered and how they’re formed helps us understand the value of this precious stone better. As an investment, diamonds can be a lucrative way to make money. If you’re serious about being part of the diamond business, make sure that you read the History of Diamond Bar by Jill Vanderwood.

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