Famous People in Van Nuys, CA

One of the best kept secrets of Hollywood is the fact that many of the most famous people in Hollywood were once from Van Nuys. Some of them, like Clark Gable and Earvin Collie, live in Los Angeles now while others, like Laurence Olivier, never really lived in that part of town. Many of the current celebrities were simply named “famous people from Van Nuys”, because that’s where they grew up and in which town they became famous. Here are some of those names:

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John F. Kennedy – One of America’s most popular presidents, John F. Kennedy was born in San Clemente, California. He lived there until he was a toddler and then moved to New York City. After that, he returned to California and became a successful author. He became the second US President to have a book of his own written. That book, A Time to Kill, is something that every American ought to read.

Richard Nixon – Probably the most famous former president of the United States, Richard Nixon also was born in San Clemente. Like Kennedy, he too became a successful writer. He was impeached and removed from office, but still later returned to public prominence. The late president had many controversial moments, including his “dirty tricks” for getting rid of the Watergate scandal. He is also, perhaps, the most famous former politician to have a movie made about him.

Oprah Winfrey – Though she is not, perhaps, the most famous woman in Hollywood, Oprah is certainly the biggest star right now. Her books have brought her into superstardom and she seems as famous as ever. She is married to Jay Leno, though, and they have two children. It’s safe to say that her children are her top priority right now. Her book, Born Every Day, was a best seller.

Steve Martin – Another comic actor who became famous on his own terms was born in Southern California. He went on to play the same type of characters in different movies throughout the decades. Some of his more memorable roles were in School Days, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Blues Clues, and Finding Nemo. He is married to Lisa Kravitza, though, and has two children.

Chris Evans – One of the best actors of our time, Chris Evans was born in San Diego. Prior to his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, he was an assistant to producer Robert Rodriguez for several years. After the turn in the directing business, he went on to star as Capote, one of the most memorable movies of the 1990s. Like George Clooney, he has two children. It’s safe to say that both of them have become famous because of their beautiful roles.


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