Famous People in Santa Fe Springs, CA

You can start the list of famous people from Santa Fe Springs, and you will immediately find a few people that have graced our local culture with their presence. These people have made Santa Fe a special place in the history of southwestern life, and they will continue to be remembered for their contributions to the community and to the lifestyle of their times. As you read about some of these people, you will begin to realize that each of them contributed something to the greater good. While many were involved in industry or politics, there was always something more than that to Santa Fe.

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One of the most notable of the famous people from Santa Fe Springs is former President William McKinley. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, McKinley served two terms as president of the United States. He went on to serve two terms as governor of New Mexico, but when the presidential seat became vacant, he stepped into the role as the new vice president. This followed the appointment of George H.W. Bush as the first U.S. president from Texas.

Another one of the many famous people from Santa Fe Springs is photographer Mario di Palma. He served a long time as a traveling press photographer for the newspaper league in New York City before he pursued his passion for photography. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his images of the civil rights movements of the 1960s. Other awardees include Time Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, and others. He has produced over twenty-five hundred paintings and hundreds of photographs.

Two world renowned chefs came from the Santa Fe area and achieved much acclaim. One of those chefs was Richard F. Delmonico, who founded the Delmonico’s Italian Kitchen on Fifth Avenue. He also served time as the chef at the Ritz Carlton. Gordon Biersmith opened Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse, while Peter Reinhart began the world famous Biersmith’s Restaurant. They continue to be popular today.

The list of famous people from Santa Fe is quite long, but it includes many more well known people from the city. Some of the most notable individuals are ranchers, such as George Barris and Sam Freeman Bando. John Dillinger became a cattle ripper in his later life. Oscar Morse and Apolinario Corral were notable photographers, while the likes of Oscar Grant and Frank Sinatra frequented the downtown bars. The city is also well known for the custom handmade jewelry of its own.

Santa Fe has been a favorite destination for many famous people. The impressive history and beautiful scenery have made it a favorite spot for many celebrities and political figures. It is little wonder that Santa Fe continues to attract tourists year after year. There is no doubt that the unique culture and history of this southwestern paradise is just what anyone would need to enjoy a special vacation.

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