Famous People in Panorama City, CA

You have all of the memories of being at a party with friends in Panorama City, California when you heard about some of the most famous people from California. Many of us are aware that there are many famous people living in this city. Some of them we have known since we were kids. The ones we know now are really just a few of the many people that make Panorama City their home.

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There is a little-known celebrity in Panorama City, who is well known by the locals and many Hollywood insiders. His real name is Rob Lowe and he is an actor who is known for his roles on many television shows. Rob played the character of Lou Costello in the series Happy Days. He went on to play the lead role of Joe DiMaggio in The Goodbye Girl and then appeared in the movie The Cable Guy.

One of the most famous people in this town is John Turturro. Some people may not realize it but there is a John Turturro who lives in this town too. John Turturro is a well respected member of the cast of Happy Days. We may never find out exactly how he became a member of the cast of Happy Days but what we do know is that he had small roles in other movies and he is well liked by the people that worked on that show. John Turturro is a fun person to talk to and you can see him enjoying life as well as having fun on set with his castmates.

In addition to these two there are many other famous people from Panorama City. One is Kurt Russell, who is a member of the cast of the film incarnation of Spiderman. Kurt Russell is also a really nice guy and one that will bring happiness to any fan of this great film. Another famous resident of Panorama City is Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton is a really nice lady and she is also one who loves her family.

Some other famous people in this town include Ernie Harlow, Ernie Shore, Linda Hamilton, and Paris Hilton. Ernie Harlow was a singer with the band the Yardbirds along with Paris Hilton. Ernie Shore had a show on TV that he hosted and he is a very good actor too. Linda Hamilton is a very popular singer and actress too. She is loved by people all over the world.

If you are looking for more famous people in this amazing town you will not have any problems at all. The best place to find them all is to go online and do a search. There are many websites that will allow you to see the people who are most famous. You will be able to see them when they are still alive and this is an exciting part of the search. You might even come across a celebrity who is still alive and you can contact them.


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