Famous People in Ontario, CA

There are many famous people from Ontario, California who are living there. Some are residents while some are not, but they still live in the Golden State. Some notable residents are: Governor Jerry Brown, Jack Nicholson, Frank Sinatra, John Lennon and Richard Nixon. Some California natives are also from Ontario and are famous people from that area.

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The first famous resident of the Golden State was John F. Kennedy. He came from a wealthy family in Boston. The family moved to California when he was a toddler. He attended Harvard and then served two terms as President of the United States. Many other famous people from Toronto have also settled down in this state, like actors Frank Capra and James Dean.

The musical artist, Frank Sinatra, came from a poor family. He didn’t graduate from high school but he made up for it by being one of the most popular and talented actors of his time. Some other well-known residents of Toronto include musicians Yusef Islam and Rakhi, actor Michael Caine, author Mario Batali, entertainer David Bowie, writer Gail Laguna and singer Neil Diamond. There are many more equally famous residents of the city.

There are many famous people from this part of the world that are not actually from Canada. Queen Elizabeth is the head of state for England and her reign is internationally recognized. Her reign is the longest ever for an English queen. She is also known as the “witzaboutsque” or the “aristocrat of the British empire.” William Shatner is an American actor best known for playing Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series. British people can put up quite a fight against any Hollywood strong arm.

In Canada, meanwhile, Justin Bieber is a teen pop star who has become one of the biggest stars of our time. He came from humble beginnings – just that he was a little bit different. He is currently starring in movies” Bieber”, “Save Me” and “I am Not a Kid.” Billionaire Bruce Springsteen is an American rock and roll star best known for his work with The New York Giants professional football team. He is considered one of the greatest living singers and has sold millions of records.

With so many famous people from our world, it is no surprise that there is a popular television series about them. People from all walks of life enjoy watching this popular soap opera. It can be viewed on most television networks throughout the world. It is truly a show that defies description.


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