Famous People in Hawthorne, CA

There are a lot of famous people from Hawthorne California to be found in the historical books, Hollywood movies and on TV today. Some of these famous people lived in Hawthorne Village at one time or another in their lives. Others were born there. And some are still living there now. Let’s start with the ones we know and love.

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Walt Disney had Hawthorne Village around 1930. He filmed many films in Hawthorne and lived in the hills above it for much of his life. Many of his early Disney creations were made in Hawthorne, as well. Roy Rogers lived in Hawthorne, too, for a while. A lot of musicians like Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai have lived in Hawthorne as well.

Also remember Richard Nixon. Who may not be as famous as he is right now, but if you include all the people who knew and did business with Richard Nixon in his career, you can count them in the “famous people from Hawthorne” category. The Bay Area is actually full of famous people from Hawthorne.

Then there are the many movie stars from Hawthorne to name a few. These include Gene Hackman, whom you may have heard of as Gemini from the movie’Gemini’ as well as Dustin Hoffman, who played a character like Cheers’ Fred Sanford in that show. Jack Nicholson is also from Hawthorne, although you probably didn’t realize that when he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in The Shining. Many other famous people from Hawthorne have also been in and out of Hollywood and made a name for themselves in the movies.

Some of these famous people from Hawthorne became city leaders and politicians, just like Al Sharpton is running for mayor of New York City now. Others became movie or TV stars. Jim Carrey, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have all come out of Hawthorne as actors or actresses famous enough to have their own series or even a book to their name. There are many more famous people from Hawthorne, who have made it big in the world. Some of them you may know from your own days and some not so much.

One thing for certain is that all the famous people from Hawthorne have one thing in common. That they have all raised a good family and built successful businesses and families. Some are teachers, doctors or writers. There really are no limits to what famous people from Hawthorne can do. They are truly talented and have the gifts of their personality.


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