Famous People in Brea, CA

Brea California, where Hollywood is made. You’ll find many celebrities and other prominent people who live here. Some of the well-known include Betty Jo Crisler (actress), John F. Kennedy (President), Herb Ellis (actor), Richard Nixon (former president) and John Lennon (writer). All these people are from this quaint little city in California. It also has a very rich cultural history and is famous for its natural beauty as well as other attractions. The following will list some of the most famous people from Brea California:

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* Betty Jo Crisler was a prominent entertainer. She had four hit songs and grew up in Southern California. Besides being a singer, she was also an actress and golfer. She was married three times and had four children.

* John F. Kennedy, the former U.S. President, lived in nearby Newport Beach. He is the most famous celebrity to live in this area. Besides being a politician, he was also an actor and singer. He is buried at the Arlington National Cemetery. There is a statue of him outside his home.

* Richard Nixon lived in nearby Newport Beach. He is the second most famous celebrity to live in the area. Like Kennedy, he also was an actor and singer. He served two terms as U.S. president.

* Herb Ellis was a famous cartoonist. He was also the author of many famous children’s books. He wrote “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “The Night Before Christmas” and was the subject of an animated movie and a book series. He died in a car crash.

* John Lennon lived in the area. He is one of the most famous people in the world. He is responsible for the “Lennon Machine” which was used by The Beatles to create their music. His death was also marked by a massive search for his burial place. Many searched for years in order to find his body.

* Marilyn Monroe is another celebrity that has come to define Hollywood. She was an attractive model, singer and actress who had an enormous impact on Hollywood. Many people are familiar with her autographed signature grin. Her image was integral to the creation of the 1960’s look of celebrity. She was, however, born as Marilyn Monroe Novak.

* Richard Nixon is another celebrity who became a controversial figure. He is the last U.S president to not resign before his term ended. His controversial legacy is the subject of numerous biographies and documentaries. Some have said he was the most powerful president of all time.

Celebrities also come from all walks of life. There are actors, musicians and models. A few are doctors and businessmen. The ones who enjoy the status and fortune that fame affords can seek it anyplace. Fame can be obtained in many ways, but few are as rewarding as being a celebrity.

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