City Parks in Pomona, CA

City Parks in Pomona California is unique public recreational centers that were created as a result of the Recreation and Park Commission of the City of Pomona. City parks are designed to bring people outdoors and away from the stresses of their everyday lives. This includes providing safe places for recreation, exercise and quiet reflection. City parks are often referred to as “public green spaces” because they offer numerous opportunities for recreation.

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One of the most well-known parks in Pomona is Creek Park. This 6.6-acre park is located off of Northwood Road between Prospect Street and Main Street in Pomona. The park offers numerous walking paths, as well as playgrounds, basketball courts, and a concession stand. Other attractions include an outdoor pond and walking/jogging track. Public art exhibits are held on a regular basis.

Other community parks in the city of Pomona include Mount Olypah, Broadway Park, Prospect Park, Oakley Park, and Washington Park. Within these parks, you will find several types of parks. Green Park is a neighborhood park within the city of Pomona. It offers a wide variety of gardens, playgrounds, nature study areas and other features. It is within walking distance of the downtown area.

Another public park within Pomona is Bridalveil Park. It was originally built as a country home for the Choctawis Indians. It is now considered a garden preserve. Several events take place at the park. The park features the Bridalveil Beekeepers’ Garden, a butterfly sanctuary, a picnic area, and a pavilion.

One of the newest additions to the public park system is Civic Park. It is located between the City Hall and the City Park Alleys. It is a two-acre park that is accessible by foot, bicycle, and a shuttle.

As you can see, there are numerous different types of community parks within and around Pomona. These parks are designed to be convenient places for people to enjoy themselves and the beauty of nature. You should consider taking a walking tour of some of these parks while in the city. They are definitely worth a visit.

If you would like to enjoy nature even more, you can drive down W.P. Road and stay at the W.P. Lodge. This will give you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the area through your own eyes and ears, rather than just seeing it on a computer screen.

One particular park within the city that I would love to highlight is the W.P. Park District. There are two buildings that sit on W.P. Road between Lee and South streets. These buildings are a historic landmark known as the depot for the Western Electric Railway. Even though it is the depot that houses the electric railway, the buildings also house a number of businesses, namely the W.P. Park Restaurant.

A great way to spend your time while visiting the parks in Pomona would be to stop at the observation deck of the nearby observation tower. Here, you will be able to watch the daily goings-on at the city’s parks and recreation areas. You can also climb up the tower and get a bird’s eye view of the city. Of course, if you would like to get a little bit closer to nature, there is always the option of taking a nature walk. Just be careful not to walk too fast because it could cause damage to your skin. By simply keeping an eye out for the wildlife and nature within the parks, you will be able to see why many people choose to spend their free time here.


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