City Parks in Anaheim, CA

City Parks in Anaheim California offers a wide variety of recreational activities for residents of the greater Los Angeles area. The City of Anaheim lays claim to being the home to the well known Disneyland amusement park. City Park officially reopens this Saturday after a three and a half month closure due to an armed robbery. The Park will once again open to the public on Sunday, April 3rd. With its location in downtown Anaheim, City Park will be convenient to the rest of the downtown area as well as the surrounding Orange County cities of Anaheim and San Bernardino. This makes it the perfect place for families with small children to enjoy the attractions that they love such as the famous Disneyland.

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It is not just Disneyland that is open onsite; there are also parks in the City of Angels as well. The La Honda Park is the oldest park of its kind in the city, it was built in 1924. Located on a two hundred acre site, the park offers many attractions for those who wish to stroll through its vast grounds as well as picnic and leisurely picnics on its grassy areas. There is even a water tower that offers a view of the city.

Other City Parks in Anaheim California includes City Park, Prospect Park, South Orange Park, Point Deway Park, Westwood Park and portions of Anaheim Botanical Garden. These locations are also home to other recreational areas not related to just the parks themselves. For example the City of Anaheim has developed Waterfront Park which features a beach, park benches, restaurants, hotels and some beautiful architecture. The City of Anaheim is working on a new plan to upgrade all of their city parks into green spaces and to make them more accessible by low income people as well as providing better outdoor environments for all.

City parks in Anaheim are maintained by the City of Anaheim and the Recreation and Park Department. Although most of the parks are open all year around, some of them close for a few hours during certain times of the week such as Christmas Day. The parks are closed in the summer. It is important to know what day they will be closed so you can plan on going to the park when it is convenient for you. This information is readily available on the park’s website.

Some of the city parks have structures that provide separate areas for playground equipment, skateboard parks and family areas for kids. Most of these areas are open seven days a week and all are well-maintained. If you are a skater, there are half-pipes for skating in the summer months as well as on a flat area in the winter. There are also bowls, rinks, tennis courts, basketball courts and soccer fields at most of the parks. If you are looking for a place for children to play outside, you will not be disappointed as there are playgrounds, swings, slides, fun houses, miniature golf, and other items for kids to play on.

Some of the city parks are managed by the City of Anaheim itself and other times by the surrounding community. Some of the recreation centers offer playgrounds, grills and many other amenities as well. There is no cost to the public for using these facilities. The City wants to make sure everyone has access to these things so they provide them free of charge.

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